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We welcome Express Script patients and Uniform Medical patients.
We accept Medicare and Medicaid & most insurance plans.


Welcome to Meridian Pharmacy in Northgate, WA 98133 serving Seattle, Northgate, Lynnwood, WA
Welcome Meridian Pharmacy where our customer is always our top priority! Your Seattle, Northgate pharmacy, Meridian Pharmacy always strive to provide superior service to our customers at affordable prices.

Meridian Pharmacy is dedicated to providing quality medications, outstanding service and individualized, confidential customer care to Seattle, Northgate, Lynnwood, Mill Creek areas.

With our extensive compounding expertise, your Seattle, Northgate Pharmacy, Meridian Pharmacy, is always dedicated to assist our customers in meeting individual patient needs. Meridian Pharmacy is your unique customizable medication resource.

  • We accept most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • We deliver to your home of office.
  • Prescription compounding
  • Express Script patients and Uniform Medical patients
  • We take care of our customers.

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Northgate Pharmacy, Seattle Pharmacy

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Northgate Pharmacy, Seattle Pharmacy

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Seattle Pharmacy, Northgate Pharmacy

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Seattle Pharmacy, Northgate Pharmacy

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Seattle Pharmacy, Northgate Pharmacy
Address: 11011 Meridian Ave. N.
Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98133

Phone: (206) 403-1137


Northgate Pharmacy, Seattle Pharmacy
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Seattle Pharmacy, Northgate Pharmacy
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Seattle Pharmacy, Northgate Pharmacy
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